Purchased My Wedding Dress and Still not Happy! What Can I Do?

You have lots of options. But you must first pinpoint exactly what you really want in a wedding dress. I have heard many stories of how brides want to combine 3 dresses into one dress. How most brides are not sure about what they really want. How the influence of family and friends can pressure brides into purchasing a beautiful dress,even if the bride does not agree.

To avoid these pitfalls, brides must start looking and getting ideas without family and friends involvement. Allow 3 months or longer to begin your search.  Bridal magazines can help tremendously.

 Pinterest.com is a very powerful source for finding bridal gowns and wedding dresses. There are bridal stores and companies all over the internet these days. Wedding blogs and more are great sources.There are bridal companies on etsy. The key is to start looking as early as possible.

Make a list of features that you want in your dress. Do you prefer long sleeves,short sleeves, elbow length sleeves,cap sleeves, short sleeves, spaghetti straps,halter necklines, strapless?

Do you want normal waist,empire waist,long waist, dropped waist,or no waist at all? Do you want a floor length dress,tea length dress,knee length dress,calf length dress,mini dress? Slim dress,wide voluminous dress,A line dress,pleated dress ,ball dress?

Do you want a silk dress,satin dress, taffeta dress,cotton dress, wool dress, solid color or print? There are so many options available that today's brides are wise to start the dress hunt as soon as a date has been set. 

Be honest with yourself.  Choose what you really like. It's your special day. Trust yourself. You will want this day to be a special and lasting memory.Always begin with a budget. Set limits, and abide by those limits. 

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